Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

kinda fallen off the back a bit, gonna try and catch up. LBL. what a fun time it was. rain, driving wind, cowshit, riders from far and near, and a hunk of head cheese for the grand prize after the World's greatest Townline sprint. thanx to all.

one very very bright side during the hiatus has been nicky's official first self built bike - behold. not an easy build, either - it came as a bare frame which has both BMX and standard mtn/road specs scattered throughout, and he did everything from selecting the parts, to the wrenching itself. it is a fab bike to look at, and he styled it out just perfect with a little help from his friends. super-stylee, show me a cooler looking DJ bike and i'll buy you a smoothie at the cup.

despite that, here in these grease spots we see a beautiful representation and metaphor of my cycling efforts and current status thus far for 2010. in the words of vincent vega " i'm a fooking grease-spot !! "

so, redemption-wise, i see one last hope - fortunately it is a good one. this Lady will not let my sorry ass down:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

we've all been there . . .

the day the new frame arrives. such a sweetness it is !!

with ray's MKE only a short 7 months away, nicky is on it. plus, there are skateparks, and a newly constructed dirt jump at camp montee to shred in the meantime.

still in need of a few key parts, a new temporary sculpture takes over the living room, like an early michelangelo sketch.