Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so it's official - cyclocross is the new triathlon ??

so, it wasn't enuf when they started the cyclocross season in summer - now they are cancelled because of rain. uhhhhhh, yeah.

here is an idea, everybody get back on one of these here style bikes for 'cross for a while again, and see how it goes. if we get back to 'cross racing in summer and/or magnesium brakes stopping CF wheels in the 4/5 races we are gonna go back to the 1982 univega touring bikes again like we rode back in the day 'till we get it right, 'kay ??

triathletes out-gnarling 'cross racers. i never thought i'd see the day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

poetry on the wheel

so much depends
a crap can-

glazed with rain

beside the white

back in the crazy melee that inexplicably passsed for hi-skool-education in the mid-70's, i had one of those english teachers who was cool. he turned us on to authors such as kerouac, and richard brautigan ( if you have'nt read brautigan, for fuck's sake go do so !! ). he had kids over to his super-cool apt on weekends for all the things you can imagine. . . . . and for that i am certain he would be thrown in jail today; but he was alright. as i recall, we may have wasted a week of time studying the actual version of this william carlos W. poem. they just do not make hi-skool english teachers like that anymore. maybe for the better, but it is a cool ass poem just the same, and one i am gonna take as my motivation to kick off my re-launch from the doldrums of 09 into which i find myself. rock&roll.

i will buy ya smoothie at the muddy cup at iola 2010 if ya know the original poem without cheating.

Friday, October 23, 2009

don't mind me

we did not go see the leadville movie last nite. i believe i am the only person who likes to pretend to be a bike rider who is finds the leadville 100 completely uninspiring. mind you, i have never been there. and of course i am certain that its grandeur and epicness is the grandest and most epic-est that ever was, and ever shall be. etc etc.

but, an out&back on bleak-ass rocky roads in the middle of noplace ?? i must say, i don't get it. and, i am not a complete stranger to doing stupid things just see what they are like . . . a series of do-one-and-be-done kinda deals . . . a marathon, an ironman triathlon, a 24 hr solo singlespeed race, and so forth. i did once meet a couple runner guys who had done the run thing there, and i admired their honesty when they reported that the race actually did suck, and was in actuality from its inception a bit of a stunt to get money into the dinky little town, and in truth nobody is sure why it took off like it did. i dunno, and by all means like i say don't mind me.

i would love to do the creampuff 100 someday, tho. THAT sounds like a cool race to me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

everything is gonna be OK

i nabbed a sweet guvmint-conspiracy h1n1 nanobot mind-contolling injection for myself today. the way things have been going it can't hurt.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

parts-bin rat-bike in progress

the cold dark wet roads, and first snowflakes got me to notice i don't have a ride fit for those conditions. i mean i got the fixie, but wanted something to go ride in the crap up hills and stuff. couple options existing in the lab . . . . i hope a ridable bike emerges from this obviously high-precision operation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rocky V

after a prolonged hiatus, i decided this AM to find the comeback trail yet again. this should be interesting.

i made immediate progress, tho !! i identified a device in the studio as bearing a remarkable similarity to this "bicycle". they say you never forget how. giddy-up.