Monday, August 24, 2009

houston, we have spearation

here we see MK as the spent ( very ) solid fuel booster rockets finish their job, and fall to the sea. she has parlayed herself into a spot far far beyond our means, and imagination. she did it with help from many who read this, so thank you all very much indeed.

in other words, the kid is a now a freshman at notre dame, and by all reports she is digging it the most. as for me, with time-sink of a kid gone, trainin' for 2010 started today. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


well now. that was a wee might longer sabbatical from the blog than i anticipated. i am not even certain anybody even looks at blogs anymore - let alone this one. but, with my man T bates getting back into it maybe i will too.

this photo depicts how the summer has gone for me. the discerning eye will notice a pronounced S-bend there on the right seatstay of MK's sweet singular 29er. mind you, there are not many 17 y/o's who have an ultra-cool bike company design a prototype frame around them, and give it to them them pre-production to ride/test/own. indeed there aren't many people, period - but MK is one of them. of those few, it is a smaller subset yet who have their dad run the bike over with a mini-van and bend it all to shite. . . . . . . .

on the bright side . . . . . none other than Carl Strong has offered to fix said bike. Carl is a NAHMBS winner, and sits comfortably among the very very top tier of framebulders on this earth - if it can be done, nobody on this earth can do it better.

maybe a good omen. i needed one.