Friday, December 5, 2008

right then

alrighty, lemme try this again. i decided to start a blog a few weeks or maybe months ago - had a super-long heartfelt intro into it and everything . . . . but then for some reason the blog-host nuked it. still dunno why. and, i am a slow learner, so here we go again.

i like to catch up on a lot of other guy's blogs, so it seems like it might be fun to try one out myself. i do need some updating on my computer skillz, so forcing myself into some of the stuff i see guys do via blogs might help. mostly tho - it is an update of a very small daily update type thing i have kept pretty consistantly for over 10 years. this last year was a bad one for me, in a lot of ways. next year is gonna be a new and changing one in a few others - so, i thought maybe having a little more room to write might not be a bad idea.

like most ( all ) of the other blogs i watch, the uniting theme in this one is likely to be bikes. riding them, buying them - well not so much buying them because i don't buy that many, instead i tend to only buy ones i intend to keep and kinda re-do them constantly into different uses and types - , racing them ( badly ), doing all those things with others and - quite a bit - by myself. but the thing about bikes is this - ya spend a lot of time on em. things do tend to come to mind, despite my best efforts to keep that from happening.

but, for now bike season is over. there's snow out there now, and my bikes are battered and half torn down and needin some attention. actually, so am i. time to git on it, then.